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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues the legend of Cal Kestis, intertwining his destiny deeper into Star Wars lore. By the top of Jedi: Survivor’s roughly 20-hour playthrough time (per How Lengthy to Beat), you’ll have witnessed a narrative that spans two eras of Star Wars and options quite a few shock twists, so we’re going to clarify precisely what went down.

Preserve studying beneath the spoiler break to know all the pieces that occurs on the finish of Jedi: Survivor, and what it’d imply for a possible sequel.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor beneath, together with a full breakdown of the ending and massive story beats.

What Occurs on the Finish of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does a enjoyable little factor the place every time you assume the sport goes to finish, it doesn’t. As a substitute, the ultimate third of the sport is filled with twists and turns that can go away your ship spinning. So let’s leap proper in.

Early on, Jedi: Survivor units up Dagan Gera, a rogue Jedi from the Excessive Republic period who’s been preserved for hundreds of years in Bacta, as the sport’s major villain. His want for revenge towards the Jedi for betraying him, and the key planet of Tanalorr, drives the primary battle of the sport for essentially the most half.

Cal, aided by a Power mirage of Santari Khri, defeats Dagan and regains the compass that can assist lead him and his crew to Tanalorr which they plan on utilizing as a secret base away from the Empire’s gaze. Nonetheless, that is the place the sport’s huge twist is available in.

Bode’s Betrayal

All through the sport, Cal is assisted by his mates together with new ally Bode Akuna. Bode is a gunslinger mercenary new to the sport, but it surely’s established that he and Cal have run varied missions for the Resistance for the reason that occasions of Fallen Order.

Nicely, it seems Bode just isn’t solely working for the Empire as a spy for the ISB however can also be a former Jedi who survived the Jedi Purge introduced on by Order 66. Whereas hiding from the Empire, Bode met an unnamed girl, fell in love, and collectively had a daughter named Kata. The Empire found Bode and killed his spouse, however he struck a cope with the chief of Imperial Intelligence to work as their operative in trade for safeguarding his daughter from the Inquisitors. Bode performed the half, that’s till he realized of Tanalorr throughout his journey with Cal. Whereas Cal needed to make use of the hidden planet of Tanalorr as a secret base for the resistance, Bode noticed it as a sanctuary the place he might escape the Empire and dwell along with his daughter in peace.

In a stunning twist, Bode reveals his true nature by killing Eno Cordova and stealing the compass to Tanalorr. To make issues worse, he calls within the Empire to assault Cere Junda’s hidden base on Jedha and Cere sacrifices herself to carry off Darth Vader whereas everybody else escapes. Cal tries to chase Bode however is defeated when Bode reveals himself to be a Power-user, full with crimson lightsaber.

Cal’s Brush With the Darkish Facet

Reeling from Bode’s betrayal, Cal tracks him all the way down to the ISB headquarters on Nova Garon, the place he meets younger Kata. Nonetheless, it was a lure set by Bode to deliberately lead Cal to him and destroy the ISB..

Cal confronts ISB Chief Supervisor Denvik, the one who recruited Bode as a spy and is successfully accountable for this complete mess. Cal nearly Power chokes him to loss of life earlier than Merrin calms him down, saying that the Empire took sufficient and she or he didn’t wish to lose him too.

As Cal pursues Bode, he finds himself surrounded by over a dozen troops and, pushed by his thirst for vengeance, embraces the Darkish Facet to tear via them. Bode manages to flee with Kara and flees to Tanalorr utilizing the stolen compass. With an help from Zee, Cal, Merrin, and Greez finally discover their very own strategy to Tanalorr.

The Remaining Confrontation With Bode

Having each misplaced their very own households, Cal and Merrin plan to supply Bode an opportunity to give up with a view to spare Kata from shedding her father, however after they confront him, he refuses to see cause and assaults. When Bode beneficial properties the higher hand and begins to pummel Cal, Cal as soon as once more channels the Darkish Facet and makes use of it to defeat him. A lightsaber at his throat, Bode is given one other probability to surrender however as an alternative makes use of it to assault as soon as extra, knocking again Kata with a Power push and Power choking Merrin. As Bode and Cal have a standoff, Bode goes to shoot, however his blaster malfunctions forcing Cal to shoot Bode twice within the chest.

What Occurs to Cal, Merrin, Greez and Kata within the Finish?

With Dagan and Bode defeated, the crew of the Mantis have secured Tanalorr and plan to make use of it as a hidden base for the resistance towards the Empire. Cal says they’ll use it as a sanctuary for the Hidden Path, which is what Cere would have needed. (You’ll bear in mind the Hidden Path from the Obi-Wan Kenobi present on Disney+, a secret underground community used to assist Jedi survivors escape the Empire.) They maintain a funeral for Cere, Cordova, and Bode, they usually pledge to look after Kata now that she’s been robbed of her household partly resulting from their very own actions.

Cere additionally seems to Cal in a imaginative and prescient uring him to “Information her via the darkness,” presumably that means Kata who simply misplaced her father. Nonetheless, it ought to be famous that Cere doesn’t seem as a blue Power ghost, however moderately a extra imminent kind which is a secret Jedi tecnuqiue.

Cal and Merrin’s romantic relationship blossomed over the course of the sport, and in the long run, Cal says that the Jedi Order is gone and that he desires to be with Merrin now. It is a huge departure from the same old tales Star Wars tells as a result of the Jedi Code forbids attachment, however as Cal mentioned, the Jedi and their guidelines are not any extra, so he’s free to observe his coronary heart.

By the top of the sport, Cal and Merrin basically turn into foster dad and mom to Kata, with Greez because the grumpy uncle who cooks his signature scazz steak for household dinner. Although not a lot is alleged about plans for Kata’s future, it appears a robust risk that Cal will practice her within the methods of the Jedi. When Cal first met Kata, she displayed an unusually robust sense of instinct, not not like younger Leia did within the Obi-Wan Kenobi present, which hints that she is Power-sensitive like her father. If a 3rd recreation within the Star Wars Jedi sequence materializes, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Kata as Cal’s Padawan.

One other risk for a possible Star Wars Jedi 3 is Cal lastly utilizing Darkish Facet Power powers. All through the second recreation he struggled to comprise his rage and infrequently his feelings acquired the higher of him, leading to superior shows of Darkish Facet energy. It might be that the third entry is when he lastly makes use of his aggressive emotions and lets the hate move via him. To date within the sequence Cal has had comparatively few Power powers, so this may give him a couple of extra thrilling gameplay choices–prime amongst them, Power lightning.

That is our run-down of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ending. For extra, try IGN’s evaluation for our full tackle Respawn’s latest Star Wars recreation.

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