Don’t Miss These Secret Collectible Map Upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor #GeekLeap

Are you uninterested in looking each nook and cranny in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for hidden collectibles? You possibly can change that by acquiring secret map upgrades by finishing difficult exploration puzzles, Jedi Meditation Chambers, and complicated Rumors. These map upgrades will show all unfound Seed Pods, Chests, Upgrades, Databanks, and Treasures in your Holomap.

Whereas map upgrades are worthy of looking for out, understanding precisely easy methods to get to collectibles will nonetheless carry its challenges, so be sure you try our Collectibles Information, the place you may discover detailed descriptions for finding all Beauty Chests, Stims, Databanks, Essences, and extra, that may be discovered throughout the planets of Coruscant, Koboh, Jedha, and Shattered Moon.

Earlier than persevering with, please understand that the next information will include minor spoilers, reminiscent of mission names, places, and unlocked skills, so proceed with warning.

Map Improve: Chests

Whereas exploring the Phon’Qi Caverns, you may uncover a terminal on the very backside of the cavern that BD-1 can slice to unlock the Chests map improve. This improve will uncover all unfound Chests, Stim Upgrades, and BD-1 Upgrades in your Holomap.

See our Discover the Phon’Qi Caverns Walkthrough for a complete information to navigating the difficult caverns.

Map Improve: Seed Pods

  • Stipulations: Plant all ten species of vegetation and unlock all gardening plots.
  • Location: Plyoon’s Saloon, Koboh

After recruiting Pili Walde, the Gardener from Jedha, you may unlock the power to begin planting the Seeds you have got found all through your journey. After getting planted all ten species of Seeds and unlocked all accessible gardening plots, BD-1 will be capable of entry the terminal that is discovered by the water function, which is able to not be coated in vines. Upon interacting with the terminal, you may unlock the Seed Pods map improve.

You possibly can study extra concerning the necessities to unlock all plots in our Gardening Information.

Map Improve: Upgrades

  • Stipulations: Completion of all seven Jedi Meditation Chambers.
  • Location: Alignment Management Middle, Untamed Downs – Koboh.

Upon finishing all seven Jedi Meditation Chambers, make your method to the Untamed Downs and enter the Alignment Management Middle, the place you may discover that every one the mysterious laptop screens have now turned inexperienced. Reverse these screens, have BD-1 slice the newly unlocked terminal, the place you may achieve entry to the Upgrades map, which is able to show all unfound upgrades in your Holomap.

Map Improve: Treasures

After finishing all three destroy puzzles on Jedha, you may unlock the power to entry the Central Ruins, the place you may discover an elevator resulting in the Wayfinder’s Tomb.

Contained in the tomb is a terminal BD-1 can slice, incomes you the Treasures map improve, which uncovers all unfound Priorite Shards, Jedha Scrolls, and Datadiscs in your Holomap.

Map Improve: Databanks

After defeating Lank Denvik throughout the primary mission, Nova Garon – Find the Traitor, head proper of his desk, the place you may discover a terminal that BD-1 can slice.

Upon doing so, you may unlock the Databanks map improve, which is able to show all unfound Databank entries in your Holomap.

Take a look at our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Wiki Information, the place you may discover particulars on Important Fight Ideas and Methods, all Beauty Choices (Hairstyles, Lightsaber Elements, and Extra), Aquarium Fish Areas, Collectible Guides (Beauty Chests, Stims, Essences), the Greatest Abilities to Unlock First, and a lot extra.

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