Forget the Pixel, Google Also Settled the Hot Dog-Sandwich Debate for Us #GeekLeap

Amid the speak in regards to the Pixel Fold, Android 14 and all the things else at Google I/O 2023, Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed one of the crucial urgent questions of our time: Is a sizzling canine a sandwich? However he did not affirm or deny whether or not a sizzling canine is a sandwich, fairly he claimed a 3rd possibility. 

“It is extra like a taco,” Pichai mentioned. “The bread goes round it.”

However Pichai is fallacious. A sizzling canine is not extra like a taco than a sandwich. A sizzling canine is a taco. We have been asking the fallacious query this whole time. Stroll with me.

Image a taco in your thoughts. What do you see? Possibly some meat, some greens, perhaps a sauce, relying on what you want, and it is all held collectively by a single starch-based meals product that wraps across the contents on two sides and the underside and will be held with one hand. Are you able to see that taco?

Now learn that paragraph again and change the phrase “taco” with “sizzling canine.” It nonetheless is smart. You may nonetheless see a sizzling canine.

The truth that a sizzling canine is extra like a taco — sure, I mentioned reality, I cannot be listening to in any other case — can also be backed by the Dice Rule. 

A hotdog on a plate

This can be a taco.

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In line with the Dice Rule, there are eight classes of meals and every is outlined by the location of the starch-based meals product. A sandwich, for instance, has two items of a starchy meals, one on high and one on backside. If one thing would not have a starchy meals to carry it in place, it is a salad, and if the starchy meals helps to make up the content material of the meals, then what you will have are nachos.

A taco is one thing that has the starchy meals on two sides and the underside, making a handy, simple to hold “U” form. What different meals merchandise does that apply to? Sure, a sizzling canine. The contents do not matter, solely the place the starch-based meals product is. 

Everybody’s been preventing for thus lengthy over whether or not a sizzling canine is a sandwich. Friendships have ended and households have been torn aside — perhaps — and this entire time, the reply was proper in entrance of us. 

A sizzling canine is not simply extra like a taco than a sandwich. A sizzling canine is a taco. I cannot be taking any questions.

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